Eric Clopper
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Eric Clopper
Harvard University
April 20, 2018

The Final in the Trilogy... Recruiting Inflatable Penises for Harvard Yard!

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Part I in the Trilogy -- Flaccid Start

Part II in the Trilogy -- Semi-Chub Inflation

The Finale -- Inflatable Penis stands Fully Erect

All right. Just coordinating some volunteers. What I've... The latest update video on the penis costume. So I'm working out all the kinks for you so you don't have to. Is there are leg holes and I did not know this, which is probably why it wasn't inflating as firmly as it could. But, okay. And another little thing to beware is you've got to make sure this stays plugged in, but we can figure that out later. Oh No. All right. So I'll work out all the hi jinks for you guys, but look at this skill.

Inflate it through the costume. Now we get the leg holes tight. Put the shoes back on.

It's really inflating now.

Hold on. We had two big holes in the bottom.

It's really inflating now.

Okay, here we go. We're in business now gentlemen. We got this.

We know what we're talking about.

Whoa, all right. We figured out the penis costume. It took three update videos, but we got it. Whoa. Now this is some shit. Look at this. We finally did it. I have so many of these coming. You have no idea.

Oh my God, this is fucking funny. Oh, oh man. Oh Man. This is my sense of humor. But they let me do whatever I want. You guys understand what that means?

They just say, I want to put you in a penis on May 1. Come to my show. And if you want to make some money, don one of these bad boys and help me promote, and we're going to fill that theater. And they are going to be floored. Oh look at that. Oh, we could do a lot of damage with this. All right. Get in touch guys. We got a lot of work, hard paying work. Cheers.






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