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Eric Clopper
Clopper Headquarters
November 11, 2019

$10,000 to File Suit Against Harvard

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Greetings from Washington, D.C. Eric Clopper here, the creator of the one-man play, "Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story", which premiered at Harvard University about a year and a half ago. And oh boy, have things changed since.

Now, at the time of my show, I was systems administrator for Harvard, the meanest systems administrator on the planet.

Now, despite my excellent work performance and my good reputation at Harvard, and the university's "commitment to free speech," after my very successful play about the impermissibility of severing the flesh of an infant's genitals to satiate an ancient and evil blood sacrifice, a play that ended in a standing ovation, mind you, Harvard placed me under investigation for months.

Harvard never informed me why I was being "investigated," but during that time,

My attorneys and I informed Harvard, "Honor your free speech policy. You don't want to appear as an opponent of free speech and a proponent of baby mutilation. Glide away from this controversy like a swan. This is not your fight."

Now despite our continual efforts of trying to reach an amicable conclusion where Harvard could honor its free speech policy, Harvard's senior leadership just couldn't let it go. They couldn't let a young man opposed to mutilating babies stay on payroll. Now I think that's a bigger reflection on Harvard than it is on me. But that's for the people to decide.

But, after Harvard railroaded me and others, I had to make alternative plans for my future. So,

Here I am in Washington, D.C., a student at Georgetown Law, pursuing my doctor's of jurisprudence, becoming a man of the law.

Now my two months at law school have been challenging, but informative. And with the input from my attorneys,

I have drafted the complaint against Harvard to initiate the lawsuit for the events following my play which resulted in my termination.

In my humble opinion, the complaint is pretty good. I'll host it on my website once it's filed for the courts. And then you can read my side of the story. And oh boy, does it conflict with Harvard's narrative. And then you can decide which side is more credible, Harvard or Clopper?

How timely? As the credibility of our other institutions begin to crumble, let me add one to the list.

We will get to the root of this problem. And with your backing, I am honored to be the tip of the spear. I am your gladiator, and a Jewish one at that . Isn't that phenomenal?

Now, I have one more ask before filing this lawsuit. Lawsuits are expensive. I have recruited an incredibly capable legal team, including myself. And we all work for reduced rates or on contingency to make suing this $38 billion entity possible. That said, we still need some resources to make this happen. A small fraction of the other side's resources because spreading the truth is much cheaper than maintaining a lie. It is just not as profitable. Thankfully, there are some of us out there who cannot be bullied and we cannot be bought. And those are the people I am recruiting.

I just published my new website.

There is a $10,000 fundraising goal. Now once that goal is met, I will make any final revisions to the complaint and file it with the courts.

Then it's time for me to go on talk shows, podcasts, college campuses and elsewhere to spread the truth.

It's time we confront this fundamental evil of our society where it is hiding. And I am honored that you have placed your faith in me to be the man to do so.



And if you're on my side, the good guys, the guys who aren't mutilating babies, then please, if you can, donate if you can.

Share this video, share my play. Visit my site and subscribe, because I'm gonna have some updates for you in the coming weeks and months. And things are gonna be picking up soon in this crisis. And I'm honored to be the point man.

But we'll be in touch soon.

And, if you have the resources and you're down to help with this cause, please visit my site and donate what you can.

Thank you, guys.

Let's do this.







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